June 2012

Black strands of pre bonded nail hair

Published: 2012-06-30, 08:26


Emelie who is one of our nice customers has attached black Rapunzel nail hair strands in her blond hair to get it highlighted.

Really nice in my opinion and it really suits her. One of the advantages with nail hair is that you can buy in single packages and use them to create something extra. Everything from red to black strands etc., which makes a lot of difference.

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Sibel with Rapunzel’s hair extensions

Published: 2012-06-28, 07:50

Sibel Redzep is a young and beautiful singer.

In this lovely video she uses Rapunzel’s Hair extensions.


A really good video in my opinion! What do you think?

Hair jewelry

Published: 2012-06-26, 06:04

Besides the Golden rings for your hair, we also have added to our line of products a piece of hair jewelry which you can “hang” as a decoration on/around your ponytail or similar. A small thing but great effect.

Nice, or what?

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Teres is transforming herself by using hair extensions

Published: 2012-06-25, 08:15

Wonderful Teres works at Rapunzel’s customer service department. Here she gives us pictures showing her hair extensions which she made by using pre bonded nail hair extensions. Long hair suits her very nicely according to my opinion.

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Katy Perry hair extensions

Published: 2012-06-23, 07:58

 This morning I looked through a few magazines, which were on my table, and found this picture in the magazine “Hänt Bild”.  Katy Perry with long blue hair extensions. Really smashing!


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Hair extensions Pic

Published: 2012-06-21, 05:16

At the end of April, the photographer Jenny Eriksson took pictures of the model Rose-Marie (Stella) Wedin.
The beautiful image above is one of the pictures that was taken.
The model ​​used Rapunzel’s long beautiful hair extensions in this photo.

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Danish Helena Lindvig is testing hair extensions from Rapunzel

Published: 2012-06-18, 06:25

hair extensions


Helena is a 16 year old blogger from Danmark who has tested our clip on set. She writes that she is very content with her long hair.

It makes me really happy to hear from all the customers, also through their blogs, how pleased they are with their new hair. It makes my day!

-          Hoping you all have a wonderful day!

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Long hair in 5 minutes

Published: 2012-06-16, 08:37

I found our ponytail in the magazine (hänt bild)  this morning. So funny when I see that our products is favoured. In the magazine they write:

Long hair in 5 minutes!

The favourite beauty gadget of this spring is delivered by Rapunzel of Sweden! The Clip in Ponytail. You attach it easily by using the comb and the hook-and-loop fastener – and swoosch you have got the grooviest Hollywood hairdo a´la Katie!

Hair extensions transformation

Published: 2012-06-14, 07:43

Here I offer you yet another transformation where hair extensions from Rapunzel were used.

It is really wonderful that you can change your hairdressing in such a short time and walk around with Hollywood curls like any other celebrity

Or what do you say?

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