Happy new Hair!

Published: 2013-01-01, 12:27

hair extensions

Now we have entered into a New Year with new possibilities!

We at Rapunzel of Sweden sincerely hope that you would join us in our journey into the year of 2013, when everything from new products, opening of new salons and other exciting events will take place. According to our policies and as we normally do, we will focus all our efforts on our customers and we are happy to receive any feedback from you so that we can improve ourselves and serve you better during this new year.

 What are you missing? What do you want us to do better? Where do you suggest that we ought to open a new salon? What new products are you longing for? Any other suggestions you wish to make? Please let us know!

Thank you for a wonderful year 2012 and all our best wishes for the New Year to all our customers!