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Rapunzel at Make up stores show 2012

Published: 2012-10-03, 11:37

In September the Make Up Store had a big show in Stockholm, naturally Rapunzel participated with hair extensions for the models. The hair styling was performed by the famous company Björn Axén. A lot of visitors gathered at this wonderful show and were inspired. Here below some pictures from the event:

make up store show with Rapunzel hair extensionsPicture:Jimmy håkansson make up storeVisning hår hair extenions Picture: Tina Borgman photoinaction.imagedesk.sebjörn axen make up store show rapunzel hairPicture: Tina Borgman photoinaction.imagedesk.serapunzel of sweden hair Picture: Tina Borgman photoinaction.imagedesk.semake up store showPicture:Jimmy håkansson make up store


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Rapunzel inspiration

Published: 2012-08-14, 13:18

Behind the scenes from this weekend ♥

Many beautiful pictures were taken with the long Rapunzel braid.

extensions rapunzel longextensions long braidbraid rapunzel hair extensions

Hope you like the sneak Peek


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Rapunzel’s blond hair extensions

Published: 2012-07-28, 07:00

A lovely transformation done by our hairdressers in Stockholm. They have used the color #18/60.

Thicker hair makes a big difference, or what do you think?


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Curly hair extensions

Published: 2012-07-24, 07:07

There are really certain advantages to have long hair. Among other things you can vary the hairdressing quite a lot. To change from straight hair to wavy hair is something that gives a nice effect. I myself normally prefer to have straight hair during weekdays and as an example, at dinner I take the opportunity of making beautiful curls in my hair. Here above I have collected a few pictures showing curly hair in different colours.

What do you prefer? Wavy or straight?

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My is testing a clip on set hair extensions

Published: 2012-07-09, 05:14

The blogger and fashion guru My Blomqvist is styling and attaching our clip on set as a (smashing) delicious detail of her outfit. She is beautiful as a fairy I think, and the curly blond hair really looks very sweet on her. It is nice when you can do so much with your hair when it is a little bit longer.

What do you think about the blond curls? Do you like it?

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Hair jewelry

Published: 2012-06-26, 06:04

Besides the Golden rings for your hair, we also have added to our line of products a piece of hair jewelry which you can “hang” as a decoration on/around your ponytail or similar. A small thing but great effect.

Nice, or what?

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Katy Perry hair extensions

Published: 2012-06-23, 07:58

 This morning I looked through a few magazines, which were on my table, and found this picture in the magazine “Hänt Bild”.  Katy Perry with long blue hair extensions. Really smashing!


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Golden ring for your hair

Published: 2012-06-08, 08:34

A new product in Rapunzel’s line of products is the Golden ring which you attach around your ponytail. Easy, elegant and very nice. It will be available both with and without print.

Guld ring för hår

What do you think? Is it a product you would consider using?

I myself am very enthusiastic about it! So nice!

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