Quick and easy Hair extensions

Published: 2012-07-13, 05:28

hair extensions

This sweet customer came to our salon and wanted some help in getting longer and thicker hair.

Our skillful hairdresser Elin attached Quick & Easy  hair extensions, colour # 60, she placed it where she could find enough hair, without damaging the customers own hair. The result was really good and the best of all was that the customer left us happy with the result.

Have you tested Quick & Easy? If so, did you like it?

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My is testing a clip on set hair extensions

Published: 2012-07-09, 05:14

The blogger and fashion guru My Blomqvist is styling and attaching our clip on set as a (smashing) delicious detail of her outfit. She is beautiful as a fairy I think, and the curly blond hair really looks very sweet on her. It is nice when you can do so much with your hair when it is a little bit longer.

What do you think about the blond curls? Do you like it?

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Long dark hair extensions

Published: 2012-07-08, 06:42

long beautiful hair extensions

A beautiful tranformation, with hair extensions color #1b

Do you like it?

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Sara “Sassy” Jönsson on visit

Published: 2012-07-06, 09:10

2011 Sara Jonsson participated in the Swedish TV program Big Brother where she charmed the entire Swedish population. After Big Brother, Sara got together with Martin, who also was one of the participants during the same season.

Since then, Sara has started a very popular blog. She has also visited us several times, both in Umeå where we have our head office and in Stockholm where we have a salon.

(Some pic’s from the visit in Umeå)


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Pre bonded nail hair extensions 16″

Published: 2012-07-03, 09:25

Today I have selected one – Todays transformation

This transformation is in my opinion very nice because it looks so natural and the colour was really the right one.

What do you think?

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Oda Lind with Rapunzel’s hair extensions

Published: 2012-07-01, 07:01


Beautiful Oda from Norway has tested the lightblond Clip on set  from Rapunzel.

Long hair is really suitable for her and we say thank you for all the nice pictures!


hair extensionsoda linds hair extensions

Oda lind

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Black strands of pre bonded nail hair

Published: 2012-06-30, 08:26


Emelie who is one of our nice customers has attached black Rapunzel nail hair strands in her blond hair to get it highlighted.

Really nice in my opinion and it really suits her. One of the advantages with nail hair is that you can buy in single packages and use them to create something extra. Everything from red to black strands etc., which makes a lot of difference.

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Sibel with Rapunzel’s hair extensions

Published: 2012-06-28, 07:50

Sibel Redzep is a young and beautiful singer.

In this lovely video she uses Rapunzel’s Hair extensions.


A really good video in my opinion! What do you think?

Hair jewelry

Published: 2012-06-26, 06:04

Besides the Golden rings for your hair, we also have added to our line of products a piece of hair jewelry which you can “hang” as a decoration on/around your ponytail or similar. A small thing but great effect.

Nice, or what?

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