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Happy new Hair!

Published: 2013-01-01, 12:27

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Now we have entered into a New Year with new possibilities!

We at Rapunzel of Sweden sincerely hope that you would join us in our journey into the year of 2013, when everything from new products, opening of new salons and other exciting events will take place. According to our policies and as we normally do, we will focus all our efforts on our customers and we are happy to receive any feedback from you so that we can improve ourselves and serve you better during this new year.

 What are you missing? What do you want us to do better? Where do you suggest that we ought to open a new salon? What new products are you longing for? Any other suggestions you wish to make? Please let us know!

Thank you for a wonderful year 2012 and all our best wishes for the New Year to all our customers!


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My is testing a clip on set hair extensions

Published: 2012-07-09, 05:14

The blogger and fashion guru My Blomqvist is styling and attaching our clip on set as a (smashing) delicious detail of her outfit. She is beautiful as a fairy I think, and the curly blond hair really looks very sweet on her. It is nice when you can do so much with your hair when it is a little bit longer.

What do you think about the blond curls? Do you like it?

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Danish Helena Lindvig is testing hair extensions from Rapunzel

Published: 2012-06-18, 06:25

hair extensions


Helena is a 16 year old blogger from Danmark who has tested our clip on set. She writes that she is very content with her long hair.

It makes me really happy to hear from all the customers, also through their blogs, how pleased they are with their new hair. It makes my day!

-          Hoping you all have a wonderful day!

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Karolina Baszak with Rapunzel’s hair extensions

Published: 2012-05-24, 05:39

The Famous Polish blogger Karolina Baszak has tested Rapunzel’s clip on set hair extensions and thinks they look great.

I agree completely! She is very beautiful in long hair, or what do you think?

( Here you can find the product she used )

Thanks a lot Karolina, for the nice words!

Click here to visist Karolinas blog

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Blogger tests out Clip on Hair extensions

Published: 2012-03-30, 15:15

Blogger Emelie has tested our Clip on Hair extensions in color #27/613.

She writes in her blog that fine extensions now adorn her newly bleached hair. Not just any extensions, but hair extensions from Rapunzel of Sweden! She also writes that she loves the nice smell of new extensions, and the wonderful feeling!

You can read her input here:

I thank her so much for the nice post she made​​. And I think she fits really good in long hair!

-I wish you all a nice weekend!

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Rapunzel live in TV-show!

Published: 2012-03-27, 12:54

It’s always fun to look back in time. Here I find some pictures from when Rapunzel was in the Swedish TV.  Jessica and Linnea showed on live TV how quickly you can get long and beautiful hair by using Clip on Hair extensions.

And within a short time, we will have our own Rapunzel Tv on the web!


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Love Generation

Published: 2012-02-18, 11:17

Right now Sweden have small auditions to nominate who will go on to represent them in the Eurovision Song Contest. One of the contributions come from the group Love Generation, which of course are dancing around with beautiful Rapunzel hair.

Are you going to see this year’s Eurovision?

Swedish known dj girls Rebecca and Fiona

Published: 2012-01-22, 11:29

This week, Rebecca & Fiona were at the  P3 Gold Awards, which goes on television in Sweden. And we at Rapunzel are proud to say that they use our hair. Before the gala, they were also cute and write about us.

They were so beautiful in their hair and did a wonderful performance.