Magdalenas top 3 products

Published: 2012-01-14, 09:58

Hello! My name is Magdalena and I work in the Polish customer service here at Rapunzel. I would like to share with you my absolute best products -that I can´t  live without.

  1. RAPUNZEL SHINE SPRAY - It’s amazing how easy this spray make my hair so soft and smooth. I never go out without this. It is always in my bag.
  2. HAIR EXTENSIONS FLAT IRON-  I like to change my self. With flat iron it´s really easy.  I can make my hair curly  or straight whenever i want.
  3. PRE BONDED NAIL HAIR EXTENSION - I chose this method because I have always dreamed about beautiful and long hair.  Now it is possible in a very easy way.  I feel much more beautiful and confident. I loved it !




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